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Join us for experience and discussion of the tools, techniques, art, spirit and science of sound healing. Hands On!

Each session will begin with with toning and improvisational singing, followed by a presentation on topics in the emerging field of sound work. After the presentation we will improvise a healing soundscape with instruments from my collection.

    • metal and crystal singing bowls
    • gongs
    • chimes
    • kalimbas
    • tuning forks
    • frame drums
    • metal and wood tongue drums
    • hand pan
    • udu drums
    • many kinds of flutes
    • ethnic string instruments: tambora, gobichand and berimbau
    • conch shell horns
    • animal horns
    • digeridoo
    • wind wands
    • shakers
    • scratchers
    • shruti box
    • harmonium
    • electric keyboard
    • tabla drums
    • shacapas
    • damaru

Topics include:

  • What is Nada Brahma and the inner sound? Experience sonic and silent meditations. Mantra What is sound and how does it affect the human organism. What is noise? What is music? Self tuning thru the experience of vocal toning, pitch matching and rhythm matching. Tune your perception.

    The Elements: E W A F S the nature of each, current theories of the aether. How do they relate to sound and body? What sounds evoke each element?

    What is the Music of the Spheres and how does it relate to our work?

  • How does our sense of hearing work? What are the limits to what we can hear?
    other theories: Zuccarelli Holophonics/ Human physiology: development of the senses of a fetus, the sense of pressure, the piezoelectric effect, biophotons, stress, bone conduction.

    Relationship of polymeter and harmony. The continuum of pulsation and pitch. How do other creatures hear?

    How do humans vibrationally relate to their environment? What is Rhythmic Entrainment? What is Brain Wave entrainment?

  • What are waves? Rope waves, spherical waves What is frequency, how is it measured? What are “Hertz”. What is pitch, resonance, harmony and coherence?

    What is time and how does it fit into the equation. Cycles per second vs Beats per minute. Our perception of the spectrum of Sound vs Spectrum of EM radiation What is the relationship between sound and light? Similarities and differences.

    What is Cymatics? (show video)

    I will bring a variety of vibrational medicine tools to class: Heart Math, Bemer, Scenner, Theta Wave entrainment CDs.

  • Music – tuning, temperment, and scales. How many divisions to an octave? 432A vs 440A vs 528C (444 A).

    What are harmonic and melodic intervals? How do we use them? What are harmonics? find the harmonics on various instruments. Overtone singing, resonance of the body and head. Consonance and Dissonance in our experience and throughout history. How are they used in Sound Work? What are these names: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do, ABCDEFG sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa.

    How do Drum Circle, and Kirtan relate to this work?

  • Why does sound healing work? How does it work? What can it do, what can it not do?
    How does consciousness interact with sound? Mood, emotions, mind, and sensation. Conscious, Subconscious. Attempts to define Consciousness.

    Who are the Leaders and Authors in the field?… Johnathan Goldman, Jill Purce, Tom Kenyon, Dr Jeffery Thompson, Mitchel Gaynor, Joshua Leeds, Sylvia Nakash The Globe Institute.

    What is SonoTherapy, Music Therapy, Sound Journey?

I am inspired to offer this class based on my years of study of sound and music. In 2006, 2007, 2008, I accompanied singers and dancers and presented my rhythm work at the International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe NM, where I was able to study with the top teachers and practitioners in the field of Sound Healing. I hosted World Sound Healing Day (Feb 14) in Sebastopol several years in a row and have collaborated with several local sound workers including Rene Jenkins, Blue Muse, The Celestial Voice, Caroluna, and Bodhi Starwater.

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