Recording Sessions

My rate for studio work is $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. This includes (at no charge) listening to tracks you send me via email before the session, suggesting instruments, and doing my own rehearsing. I show up on time and rehearse with you or the track, take suggestions and come up with a part that makes the song work.

I have an extensive instrument collection and can record basic groove tracks, fills, rhythm enhancement tracks, cymbal rides and swells, sparkle tracks with chimes, bells, gongs and bowls and other kinds of sounds.

I have recorded many kinds of music for years.  I know when not to play and how to follow dynamics.

Here is a partial list, with links to some of the work I’ve done.

To see an expanded list click here.

Here are some comments from people whose records I’ve worked on.

"Thanks for such great percussion, everybody notices and mentions it"   regarding my work on her album "Light of this World"
"Thank your the great work you did on my last recording. It was a lot of fun and the music came out beautifully. The work you did with congas, cymbals and shakers really gave the music a great beat."