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Koshi Chimes are not just a fine instrument, they are a healing tool with Elemental and Angelic presence. They are perfect for sound journey, meditation or just brightening up your mood. Please listen to them here: http://koshi.fr/presentation.eng.html

Everyone I play them for is completely entranced and impressed, including professional musicians, sound engineers, yogis, poets, singers, body workers and sound healers. Using two chimes together, one on each side of the head and body is a beautiful experience. Every combination creates a beautiful mood that can change depending on which chime you hear first.

World renown Sound Shaman Tito la Rosa of Peru now has the set or 4 as part of his Mesa (altar). He uses Earth and Water or Earth and Air chimes magnificently at the end of his ceremonies.

When thing are very quiet, a very nice meditative effect is to sit upright with one chime hanging in each hand. Try and be a still as possible, and notice what happens. It is actually almost impossible to be completely still in this position and the slight movement is amplified by the pendulum of the string and chime. Minor impulses from the breath or finger also activate the chime, very quietly. I have spent hours doing this, it is totally delightful.

Chimes are tuned to 432 A

Earth C sus /G Major
Water: Dmsus/A (F/A) minor
Air: Am9 minor
Fire: G9 major

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