Carnaval Spirit Bateria – Grooves To Live In – Brazilian Package


(26 minutes)


  • SambaReggae
  • Baiao
  • Rio Samba
  • Slow Samba
  • Maracatu
  • Afoxé
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Track 6. Samba Reggae
(6:09 min)

Samba Reggae is a modern groove from Brazil. My arrangement is based on Oludum’s style with a bell part from Ile Aye and my own tamborim variations. Samba Reggae is a universal groove – everyone can feel it and every 4/4 beat can fit inside it. I predict that in a few years, everyone in the world will know, love and be dancing to Samba Reggae.

Track 8. Baiao
(2:47 min)

Baiao is a rhythm for the Northeast of Brazil, usually played in small bands of zambumba, triangle and accordion. I have arranged it for Bateria with many more instruments and a big sound.

Track 9. Rio Samba
(6:03 min)

Rio Samba I have attempted to capture the energy and excitement of the baterias that perform in Rio de Janeiro at Carnaval. I give thanks to all the wonderful Brazilian musicians and dancers who have taught me how to make this music!

Track 10. Slow Samba
(2:48 min)

Slow Samba This is a Rio style arrangement that is a good entry place for people not familiar with the style. Dancers love this one – its nice and slow and sexy. Listen to the tamborim and agogo conversation.

Track 11. Maracatu
(3:27 min)

Maracatu is processional groove from the northeast of Brazil. I’ve added my own tamborim , low surdo parts and break to give this arrangement it’s unique flavor.

Track 12. Afoxé
(3:51 min)

Afoxe is a rhythm and dance now popular all over the world and can be heard as part of the musical signature of Bahian artists. My Afoxe’ arrangement is based on Ijexa, a sacred trance rhythm that is part of Candomble’ drumming. I’ve added my own call, break, tamborim part and variations. This is great groove to teach your community band, and a good way to start to learn authentic Brazilian Samba, as Afoxe’ is one root of it. If you would like to learn this groove on congas, check out Vol. 1 of my Speaking of Rhythm series.

Carnival-Spirit-Grooves To Live In-Kim Atkinson Drummer

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(55 minutes)
Grooves To Live In, by Carnaval Spirit Bateria
This 55 minute collection of inspiring percussion music features the sounds of the Brazilian Bateria (collection of drums). We use 3 or more richly tuned bass drums (surdos), caxia (snare drum), agogo (double African bell), tamborim (small stick drum, no jingles), ganza (tube shaker), repinique ( high pitched drum that gives signals), and congas to create a vibrant weave of good feelings.

Carnival-Spirit-Grooves To Live In-Kim Atkinson Drummer

The Brazilian Package

(26 minutes)

What’s in the Brazilian Package

  • SambaReggae
  • Baiao
  • Rio Samba
  • Slow Samba
  • Maracatu
  • Afoxé

Carnival-Spirit-Grooves To Live In-Kim Atkinson Drummer

Kim Atkinson’s Arrangements Package

(31 minutes)
What’s in the Kim Atkinson’s Arrangements Package
  • Xica
  • Banda Reggae
  • Funk-a-Nova
  • High Life
  • Mozambique
  • Lamba Samba – Timbao
  • Allies


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