Kim Atkinson’s Discography

2017 Manifesting Abundance at the Speed of Sound Steven Halpern Congas, Cajon Drums
2016 Clutter Clearing at the Speed of Sound Steven Halpern Congas, Cajon
2015 The Kitchen Table Archives Kate Price Percussion
2011 Groove Tribe David & Steve Gordon Drums, Percussion
2010 Paradigm Shift Steven Halpern Congas, Cajon Drums
2009 Drive Time Rx Steven Halpern Congas
2009 Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Wind  David & Steve Gordon Congas, Bongos, Frame Drum, Ghatam, Talking Drum, Box drum, Djembe, Dumbek, Ganza, Log Drums, Rattle, Repenique, Shaker, Shekere, Surdo, Timbales, Caxixi, Bells, Gong, Cajon, Calabash, Gankogui, Tamborim, Metal Percussion, Morrocan Bongos, Sangba, Tibetan Bowls, Water Bottle, Batajon, Crystal Bowl, Krin, Metal Objects
2009 Meditation Drum David & Steve Gordon Featured Artist, Drums, Frame Drum, Ghatam, Talking Drum, Djembe, Surdo, Percussion, Gong
2008 Music for Love Raphael Main Personnel, Percussion
2007 Music for Lovers, Vol. 2 Steven Halpern Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 Rainmaker Rainmaker Percussion
2006 Shaman’s Vision Journey David & Steve Gordon Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2006 The Silent Awakening Tina Malia Djembe, Shaker, Bells
2003 Coping Skills for Caregivers: Words and Music That Support and Heal Steven Halpern / Madeleine Singer Percussion
2003 Volcano Barry Cleveland Congas
2002 Drum Prayer Steve Gordon Drums, Djembe, Log Drums, Rattles
2002 Perfect Alignment Steven Halpern Percussion
2002 The Best of Mickey Hart: Over the Edge and Back Mickey Hart Percussion
2001 Cruise Control Steven Halpern Congas, Bongos, Shaker, Triangle, Batajon
1996 Drop of Pure Steve Baughman Congas
1996 Emergence: The Best of Sophia Sophia Percussion
1996 Open Circle Kevin Locke Berimbau, Conch Shell, Shaker, Percussion, Dun-dun, Udu, Tibetan Bowls, Apentema, Boula
1996 X Dot Jazz Sampler, Vol. 1  Zaria Z Talking Drum
1995 Angels of the Deep Raphael Congas, Percussion
1995 Deep Heart’s Core Kate Price Percussion
1994 Celtic Twilight, Vol. 1 Radhika Miller Triangle
1994 Drummers Journey Michael Pluznick And The Small Village Ensemble Producer, Arranger, Composer, Percussion
1994 Hangin’ Out Michael Bolivar Percussion
1994 It’s About Time Tademitsu Saito Conductor, Drums, Congas, Talking Drum, Percussion
1994 Return Sophia Ganza, Caxixi, Percussion
1994 Secret Harbor Michelle Sell & Ensemble Cymbals
1993 Paradise Lost Steve Kindler Percussion
1993 Romantic Interludes Spencer Brewer Congas, Cymbals
1992 Cafe Tropique Crystal Wind Bongos, Triangle, Percussion
1992 Rhythm Harvest Michael Pluznick Group Percussion
1990 Cradle of the Sun Michael Pluznick Shaker, Surdo, Caxixi, Angklung, Shekere
1989 Living the Northern Summer Jim Chappell Percussion
1989 Set Free Constance Demby Congas, Agogo, Rainstick, Shaker, Bells
1988 Quartz Crystal Bells Daniel Lauter Bells, Composer
1987 Dolphin Smiles Steve Kindler Congas, Bongos, Agogo, Guiro, Shaker, Surdo, Triangle, Wood Block, Multi Instruments, Cabasa, Afuche
1987 Global Village Tor Dietrichson Percussion, Maracas, Tenor Kalimba, Gourd
1987 Light of This World Constance Demby Percussion
1981 The Vortex (Quantum Gate II) Candice Pacheco Vocals, Percussion, Wind Instruments
1980 Sunborne Constance Demby Percussion
1978 Dance of the Tao Schawkie Roth Congas, Percussion
1970 Across a Rainbow Sea Steve Kindler Congas, Bongos, Guiro, Timbales