Sound Journeys

Every Sound Journey I offer is different, according to the mood of the day and the dynamics that I intuit about the group.  My goal is to create a sonic temple where you can receive and generate positive energy for your heath and well being.  I have done this so many times now that it is easy for the path to reveal itself.  It might be elemental, ancestral, cosmic or a combination.

You are welcome lie down, sit up, do yoga, or even movement, if there is space.

I typically start with a welcoming sound scape to help you relax, then I move into a clearing phase with gongs, shakapas (leaf wands), and shakers. I move about the room, and with your permission, bring the sounds close to your body. I am extremely careful and considerate of the volume and proximity.

I will often then progress into metal or crystal singing bowls and bathe the room in long gentle waves of pure tones. I have selected these sounds over many years and have been gifted with fine instruments.

Now that the space is set, I feel into what is called for and follow my intuition. I might go directly to the hand pan, or move about the space with a frame drum, keeping a steady, medium slow pace drawing us deeper.

Both of these sounds help evoke your inner journey. I might play several pieces on the hand pan, it is one of my favorites.

Coming out of this, I might go to the drum, or back to shakapas, windwand, bowls and gongs, depending on the feeling in the room.

One of my favorite sounds is the zither with it long oceanic notes. I use this to move us along in the journey.

As we start to come upon a plateau, I bring in native flutes. I have some beautiful instruments created by Curandero Sonido  Tito la Rosa. I like to use a small amplification system for these so I can add reverb, which accentuates the calming vibe.

Now I often bring in the sansula, a high quality kalimba, with wa wa sounds and long notes.  Perfectly tuned, I might bring this gentle sound close to your head, if you are laying down. With your permission, I might place it on your back.  The vibrations are very soothing.

As we approach the end I use small bells, tingshaws, and chimes of various kinds, including the incredible Koshi Chimes. 

I leave us in silence for a few minutes and then gently use my voice to bring us back.  After we arrive, we may tone altogether.

I give thanks for the opportunity to offer these journeys.

Blessed by Sound, Grateful for Silence.


Kim’s interest in the metaphysical aspects of sound and healing lead him to study the physics of music, alternative medicine, consciousness and shamanism. From 1984 to 1994 he was the drum/song leader for a unique temple in Berkeley CA fusing Brazilian Umbanda trance rituals with Tibetan Buddhism. This profound education in spiritual work, combined with his Kriya Yoga initiation in 2001 and SoulWave Leadership and Practitioner trainings (2004 to 2006) inform everything he does. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 he accompanied and studied with top presenters at the International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe NM. In 2008 he presented his rhythm work there.