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Speaking of Rhythmvolume 1: Afoxé

The arrangement that I’ve presented here I learned from Jose Lorenzo of Bahia, Brazil when he taught dance and music in San Francisco from the late 1970′s through the 1980′s. He started the group Escola de Samba Batucaje and is one of the people most responsible for bringing Brazilian Carnaval to San Francisco.

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TheBembe rhythm we are playing here is a common AfroCuban music and dance form that has made its way into American music via Latin Jazz and Rock.

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Speaking of Rhythmvolume 3: Djesse Muloumbo

Djesse Muloumbo is a rhythm and dance from Congo in Central Africa. I learned this rhythm from Ta Titos Sompa and performed it with him and played it many times in dance class with the late Malonga Casquelourd and other master artists from Central Africa.

According to my teachers, Djesse Muloumbo is probably the name of a famous dancer/choreographer who became renown for his spectacular movement to this rhythm.

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Speaking of Rhythmvolume 4: Yan Valu

Yan Valu is an Afro Haitian Rhythm and Dance which has become famous the world over through the work of such artists as Katherine Dunham and Jean Leon Destine’.

The style that I’m presenting to you comes to me from the renown Caribbean artist Marcus Gordon who taught extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s and 1980′s… [more]

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