CA World Fest in Grass Valley

CA World Fest in Grass Valley

CA World Fest in Grass Valley 150 150 Pulsewave


From July 11 – 14 I’ll be at WorldFest in Grass Valley CA

Friday July 12th I will present my Rhythm Revival workshop at 3pm on the Evergreen Stage.  Friday and Saturday late night I’ll be assisting the Community Drum Circle.   I’ll also be part of the Parade.

Here’s a sketch of my workshop – bring instruments:

Rhythm Revival is a fun and informative class for anyone interested in sound, rhythm, music and their beneficial effects. We’ll experience and discuss how rhythm attracts, entrains, calms, inspires and heals us. We will speak rhythm and learn body drumming patterns that will expand your sense of time, test your perception, and challenge your awareness. We will also play some quiet improvisational music – bring drums and percussion. Rhythm Revival connects Body, Speech and Mind through the spirit of music, developing coordination, focus and teamwork.

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