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Educational DVDs


“This is an excellent opportunity to learn the original Mozambique in a straight forward and well designed format. The material is broken down slowly and carefully, with clear explanations. Highly recommended! “

~ Michael Spiro
Producer, Educator

MOZAMBIQUE! DVD vol.1: Cuban style in 3-2 clave
Intermediate to advanced playing level.

55 minute instructional video and 30-page booklet. AfroCuban percussion music and more…

Buy the notation booklet for just $7

Music CDs
Carnival-Spirit-Grooves To Live In-Kim Atkinson Drummer
Grooves To Live In
by Carnaval Spirit Bateria

This 55 minute CD of inspiring percussion music featurs the sounds of the Brazilian Bateria (collection of drums). We use 3 or more richly tuned bass drums (surdos), caxia (snare drum), agogo (double African bell), tamborim (small stick drum, no jingles), ganza (tube shaker), repinique ( high pitched drum that gives signals), and congas to create a vibrant weave of good feelings.

Core members in this recording have studied and played these arrangements with director Kim Atkinson for more than 10 years!

ToKenKi Dance Latitude
Dance Latitude
by ToKenKi
“Innovative World Music” succinctly describes the music of ToKenKi: a group of three exceptional musicians who weave an engaging tapestry of rhythm, timber and song. Featuring over 30 exotic percussion instruments with multi-keyboards and drum set. Moods range from full-on dance to introspective with unusual instruments and rhythms.

Educational CDs

Clave Consciousness vol. 1. Audio CD (Clave is pronounced Kla Veh)
Son Clave and Twelve Bell

This is an audio CD lesson and groove session in Son clave and twelve bell. These two basic patterns form the foundation of an immense body of music from around the world.

In this lesson we learn the patterns from the inside out. I lead you through counting and clapping the patterns in different ways, as well as two hand coordination and other exercises to get the feeling into your body. The lesson ends with 40 minutes of clave and twelve bell grooves at different tempos for you to play along with.

Clave Consciousness v2-RumbaClave-Kim Atkinson Percussionist
Clave Consciousness vol. 2. Audio CD (Clave is pronounced Kla Veh)
Rumba Clave & AbaCua Clave

This lesson and groove session is focused on Rumba clave and AbaCua Clave. These two intriguing patterns are found in many styles of world music today.

I teach you the patterns from the inside out. We count and clap the patterns in different ways, and I show you two hand coordination and other exercises to get the feeling into your body. The lesson ends with 25 minutes of clave grooves at different tempos for you to play along with. If you are interested in clave in “6-8” this is a great lesson for you.

Speaking Of Rhythm v1-Afoxe-Kim Atkinson Drummer
Speaking of Rhythm vol. 1: Afoxé

The arrangement that I’ve presented here I learned from Jose Lorenzo of Bahia, Brazil when he taught dance and music in San Francisco from the late 1970’s through the 1980’s. He started the group Escola de Samba Batucaje and is one of the people most responsible for bringing Brazilian Carnaval to San Francisco.

To hear the intro and first lesson of Afoxé, click here.

Speaking Of Rhythm v2-Bembe-Kim Atkinson Drummer

Speaking of Rhythm vol. 2: Bembe

The Bembe rhythm we are playing here is a common AfroCuban music and dance form that has made its way into American music via Latin Jazz and Rock.

The Bembe rhythm I teach here was taught to me by the late Cuban master drummer Regino Jimenez. With four conga parts, a shekere and a bell, it has a sweet soothing melody.

Speaking Of Rhythm v3-DjesseMuloumbo-Kim Atkinson Percussionist

Speaking of Rhythm vol. 3: Djesse Muloumbo

Djesse Muloumbo is a rhythm and dance from Congo in Central Africa. I learned this rhythm from Ta Titos Sompa and performed it with him and played it many times in dance class with the late Malonga Casquelourd and other master artists from Central Africa.

According to my teachers, Djesse Muloumbo is probably the name of a famous dancer/choreographer who became renown for his spectacular movement to this rhythm.

Speaking Of Rhythm v4-YanValu-Kim Atkinson Drummer
Speaking of Rhythm vol. 4: Yan Valu

Yan Valu is an Afro Haitian Rhythm and Dance which has become famous the world over through the work of such artists as Katherine Dunham and Jean Leon Destine’.

The style that I’m presenting to you comes to me from the renown Caribbean artist Marcus Gordon who taught extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s and 1980’s.

Speaking Of Rhythm v5-HiLife-Kim Atkinson Percussionist
Speaking of Rhythm vol. 5: Nigerian HighLife

I learned this arrangement of Highlife in 1976 from my first teacher, Nigerian Yoruba drummer/singer/dancer Augustus Olatunji Vidal when he taught at Sonoma State College in Northern California... [more]

Speaking Of Rhythm v6-Makuta-Kim Atkinson Drummer
Speaking of Rhythm vol. 6: AfroCuban Makuta

This arrangement of Afro Cuban Makuta comes to me from the late Cuban Master Drummer Regino Jimenez.

Speaking Of Rhythm Learning cdsAll 6 CDs
plus…1 Free


Clave Consciousness v1 – Son Clave



Multi-volume set: Speaking of Rhythm vols. 1 – 6 … plus FREE Lesson CD: Clave Consciousness, vol. 1 Son Clave

Instructional CDs covering a range of common ensemble dance rhythms from the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa. During the lesson you and I play the patterns on conga drums, bells, sticks, and shakers and build up an entire ensemble rhythm with solo movements. When you can speak and sing these rhythms, they become yours to express on any instrument.

Kim breaks these rhythms down in every way possible and keeps your attention, while making listening and playing along to the different parts less like practice and more like fun. He then builds the rhythms back up again in such a way that you hear every relationship between the parts as played by the different instruments.

The best element in the series is his unique vocal adaptation of the different instruments played in the rhythms.

I thank Kim Atkinson for Sharing His Spirit with us in such a way that we can all become better players and facilitators… 
– Arthur Hull

Educational DVDs


Cuban & New York Style in 2-3 Clave
Intermediate to advanced playing level.

55 minute instructional video and 30-page booklet.
Companion to Mozambique! Volume 1.

Volume 2 focuses on Mozambique in a band setting, in both Cuban and New York styles. Performers include Chris “Flaco” Walker, David Penalosa, Noah Mosgofian, and Cary Griffin.

In the first half, I show how Pello el Afrokan’s Cuban Carnaval music feels in 2-3 clave. We learn two bell parts, a two conga part, a single conga part and two bombo (bass drum) parts. We play in a small group, then I perform it with a nine piece group, I solo a bit, and we dip into Mozambique in 6-8 (!)

In the second half of the video I show variations of the New York style on two congas, as well as a three drum style that has become one of my favorite grooves. I teach the basic timbale part with bell and bombo and we do a performance of “New York Mozambique, California Style”

I’d like to thank all the Cuban, Puerto Rican, and American drummers who have created and expanded this fantastic groove, born of the 1960’s.

“… there is a wealth of information on this video. All the parts of each arrangement are patiently broken down and clearly explained. In addition to the detailed transcriptions (in both standard and box notation) in the accompanying booklet, Kim counts out each part while playing it, in both 1/8th and 1/16th notes. He even speaks slowly through the various conga patterns using a set of drum-sound syllables, which are explained in the booklet.


Michael Wall – Drummer, Producer, Organizer
First Circle Drums, Honolulu, Hawaii


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