Instruments For Sale – Used

Please contact me for more information and to hear and see these fine instruments.

I’m an instrument connoisseur, and I’ve been collecting for many years. I’m not playing these particular one’s right now and they need to be in the hands of someone who will appreciate them and put them to good use.

(707) 889-4949

Brazilian Timbau, by Contemporanea.

Red, painted with a Caduceus (intertwined snakes) the symbol of the healing profession.

This drum is played while standing.  It has a plastic head and sounds similar to a djembe.

I have rarely played it, it is in great condition.

Asking $250


Goat Skin wooden shell   dundun  15 x 20  Beautiful lightweight drum, bearing edge by Johnny Cravioto, skinned by Moshe.

It sounds great and doubles as a surdo.

Asking $200

Pete Englehart Lens Drum

A bell-like, mounted drum for a drum set or timbale player.

Tuned approximately B  and  D.

Asking $50

Vietnames Gong

This is a 22 inch Vietnames nipple gong tuned approximately F#.

I bought it at the Harmony Festival about 15 years ago.

Asking $150

Kalimba – Hugh Tracy Alto

Comes with pickup with 1/4″ jack.

G minor tuning.

Asking $100