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In the 1960’s the streets of Havana overflowed with post revolutionary optimism, inspiring innovation in thought movement and rhythm.  Cuban cultural icon Pello el Afrokan created the exciting new Carnaval music and dance Mozambique at this time, fusing elements of sacred Bata drumming with Samba and Conga comparsa. His new ‘world beat’ innovation created an opening in Cuban music that is now recognized as the root of Songo and other modern forms

Features of the presentation include:
* History of the rhythm and instruction for playing it on three drums.
* Overhead camera shows the players perspective during instruction
* All parts broken down individually and played together in combinations
* All parts counted in 8th and 16th notes, and played with Rumba Clave
* Conga parts are spoken with familiar Gn Go Pa syllables
* instructions for playing the rhythm in 4, 5, 8 and 9 pieces ensembles.

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MOZAMBIQUE! DVD vol.1: Cuban style in 3-2 clave
Intermediate to Advanced playing level.

55 minute instructional video and 30-page booklet. AfroCuban percussion music and more…

Buy the just notation booklet for $10

“This is an excellent opportunity to learn the original Mozambique in a straight forward and well designed format. The material is broken down slowly and carefully, with clear explanations. Highly recommended! “

~ Michael Spiro
Producer, Educator


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