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Mozambique, Cuba’s exciting Carnaval rhythm, created by Pello el Afrokan in the 1960’s opened a channel for new musical expression which has led to Songo, Timba and other contemporary forms.

In this lesson, Kim shows you how to play the rhythm in 2-3 clave.  You will learn 2 different arrangements: Cuban style and New York styles and how the play the rhythm in a band setting.


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Cuban & New York Style in 2-3 Clave
Intermediate to advanced playing level. 
55 minute instructional video and 30-page booklet.
Companion to Mozambique! Volume 1.

Volume 2 focuses on Mozambique in a band setting, in both Cuban and New York styles. Performers include Chris “Flaco” Walker, David Penalosa, Noah Mosgofian, and Cary Griffin.

In the first half, I show how Pello el Afrokan’s Cuban Carnaval music feels in 2-3 clave. We learn two bell parts, a two conga part, a single conga part and two bombo (bass drum) parts.  We play in a small group, then I perform it with a nine piece group, I solo a bit, and we dip into Mozambique in 6-8 (!)

In the second half of the video I show variations of the New York style on two congas, as well as a three drum style that has become one of my favorite grooves. I teach the basic timbale part with bell and bombo and we do a performance of  ”New York Mozambique, California Style”

I’d like to thank all the Cuban, Puerto Rican, and American drummers who have created and expanded this fantastic groove, born of the 1960′s.

“…there is a wealth of information on this video.  All the parts of each arrangement are patiently broken down and clearly explained. In addition to the detailed transcriptions (in both standard and box notation) in the accompanying booklet, Kim counts out each part while playing it, in both 1/8th and 1/16th notes. He even speaks slowly through the various conga patterns using a set of drum-sound syllables, which are explained in the booklet.

Michael Wall – Drummer, Producer, Organizer

First Circle Drums, Honolulu, Hawaii


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